SaGu Creations

”Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.”
– Scott Adams

My name is Sandra Gustafsson, in my art I go by the acronym SaGu. I am a Swedish artist. Currently I work a lot with pencil, gold leaf, and…my own blood.
Sometimes I also work with oils and acrylics, and I have recently started to play around with making abstracts in those mediums.

I draw a lot of inspiration from subjects and styles like fantasy, post-apocalysm, surrealism, nature, death, occultism, and magick.
Artists that inspires me are Tehani Farr, Christian Lovell, Tim Burton, Vincent Castiglia, Maxime Taccardi, Derek Hess, amongst many others.
Another huge source of inspiration and motivation for me is any artist who makes bad art.

I am mainly self-taught, but still on the never ending road of learning.